SACO Apartments


SACO Apartments was about to open a new aparthotel in Amsterdam; The Wittenberg. To promote this opening, they set up a guerrilla marketing campaign offering people the opportunity to win a week’s stay at Wittenberg, flights included. To enter the competition, they asked people to show off their creative side and create a banana “tattoo” design. To complete the campaign, they looked for some sort of authority on banana art to select the winners. But who in their right mind would be crazy enough to officially call themselves a banana artist? So they went online, did a quick google search and… there I was!

And so I got the pleasure to jury the wonderful entries of this #bananatatt competition. It was delightful to see the level of creativity and fun contestants had put into it. After picking a winner, I even got to announce her in my Instagram Stories. And I couldn’t resist to also give a few shoutouts to other entries I enjoyed.

Furthermore, they requested a few exclusive pieces of banana art for their social media channels. They included a few variations with the name Wittenberg and an Amsterdam themed piece. For both I’ve provided pictures and a making of video as well.

We worked with iSteef on a particularly creative marketing campaign and absolutely loved the output. Stephan understood exactly what we needed and gave us plenty of quality content for our campaign. It was bananas! 
Sarah Knight, Digital Campaign and Content Manager