One Banana / Maxwell PR

One Banana • Maxwell PR

ONE Banana’s motto is ‘one banana can make a chance’. And that’s so true, just look at me. If I never started doodling on that one banana I would have never be doing this! But back to ONE Banana, their mission is to grow delicious bananas in a socially and environmentally resposible manner. So when Maxwell PR asked me to come up with some some social media content for this company I was on board right away.

The first request was a rendering of their logo on a banana. And for the second one they wanted me to do something linked to Guatemala, since that’s where it all started. I used the Guatemala flag as inspiration. And since I love to draw animals I chose to focus on the national bird of Guatemala that is featured on the flag, the Resplendent Quetzal. For the third request I was extra excited, because I got to make a short stop motion animation! I turned a banana into a schoolbus because when it was about to be posted the schools were starting a new year. But more importantly to remind people ONE Banana has a special program for local schools, sponsoring them with free bananas.

We love all of them!! Thanks so much for being willing to work with us.
Kelly Harp, Digital Coordinator maxwell PR